Come as you are.

We welcome all those looking for God’s love and grace. You may be seeking a place to belong, a family. Or you simply need hope.

Especially in the midst of the pandemic we are experiencing.

In today’s shaky world the promise of love, a family, and hope can be elusive. You are not alone, many believe the life they long for isn’t possible. Jesus said, “I have come that they may have life and have it abundantly.” Jesus brings hope to a world that is shaky and uncertain. He brings hope amidst a virus.

You are loved.

Come discover Living Hope. We look forward to meeting you.

Join us this sunday at 10:30am

Worship together with us.

A new place can be intimidating. Here are a few things to expect on a visit to Living Hope Church. You will be given a warm greeting as you enter. Due to the corona-virus pandemic, safety precautions have been put into place. You can be assured, we want all to be safe during this time. 

Our worship services are simple, with music that is contemporary and traditional in nature, readings from the Bible, prayer, and an uplifting message from the pastor. Communion is served the first Sunday of each month.

We value children and the time they spend with us in worship. Children giggle, they poke, and they swing their legs simply because they are children. But they also sing, pray, and give with us. We accept, even value, the children’s restlessness during worship, trusting that they are also learning.

A nursery is available for parents to use if necessary. Minimal toys are available for play and will be disinfected after a child’s use.

A coloring sheet and pencils are available for ages 2-5. Pencils will be disinfected after each service.

For those ages 6-12, we have a children’s bulletin available. A short age-appropriate children’s message is given during the service.

If you are worshiping from home, our services are live-streamed on YouTube and Facebook at 10:30 each Sunday morning.

Upcoming Events

Summer Schedule

Our summer worship time will change from 10:30 AM to 10:00 AM on May 30th. Connections Hour will conclude on May 16th. We will resume Connections Hour and our 10:30 AM worship time on September 12, 2021.